20% Of Friday’s Sales Go To The Voting Rights Project

Mexican Summer - Voting Rights Project Donation Image

Join us in supporting equal voting rights for everyone this Friday, as we pledge to donate 20% of all Bandcamp and Outpost purchases over the course of 24 hours to the Voting Rights Project. 

The Voting Rights Project is an organized effort to advance and protect the right to vote and ensure that right is afforded equally to all. 

“According to a recent study, 20 states have passed new, restrictive voting laws since 2010, which include arbitrary cutoff dates for early voters, unnecessary burdens on the voter registration process, and a tightening of voter ID requirements. Now more than ever, we need to make sure that every person who wants to exercise their right to vote can do so easily, without hassle, anxiety, or obstruction.”

Bandcamp, who inspired us to take action