“Smoke” – New Single from Jess Williamson

Jess Williamson Photograph

“Smoke” out Now!

The latest from Sorceress out May 15th

“Smoke” is the third single from Jess Williamson’s forthcoming record Sorceress. A deep country rock ‘n roll burner, “Smoke” sees Williamson describing a relationship that’s falling apart. Beginning with delicate finger picking and alluring vocals, the song rises with flourishes of muted percussion, lilting pedal steel, and piercing electric guitar. It’s Jess Williamson at her diaristic and transcendent best.

In the video, directed by Williamson and filmed at home on her iPhone during quarantine, lit incense is the main character—its smoke sets the stage for an animated mushroom dance (by Alex Tults), a la Fantasia. The video speaks to the stir craziness we’re all feeling in quarantine, and it very much emerged from that space: Working with what she had on hand, Williamson put on a funny outfit she found in her closet, grabbed her phone, danced around with incense, and lost her mind a little bit.

“This song is about a codependent relationship. It’s told from the perspective of the person who keeps giving and giving, and, on some level, they like it” – Jess Williamson

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