Soft Hell from Pill Out Now

Pill Soft Hell Out Now Poster

Soft Hell, Pill’s second full-length album for Mexican Summer, is a raucous, splintering dispatch from New York City, animated by the madcap ingenuity of a foursome finding a palpable sense of joy and play in expressions of caustic, black humor. The expansive, charred psychedelia of Pill’s early sound — textured by homemade, circuit-bent instruments and custom effects — has morphed into something more compact and mischievous but no less evocative. It’s also the most hook-laden, melodic statement in the band’s catalog to date.

“It’s a full-throttle assault on boring, empty, complacent music that’s so crammed with sound and substance that it feels like you could peel apart the 12 tracks cheese-stick style into two full albums.” – Jael Goldfine, Stereogum

Soft Hell is out now on vinyl, cd + digital platforms.

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