Listen to Jessica Pratt’s “Poly Blue”

A picture of Jessica Pratt

Jessica Pratt steps into hazy, refracted sunlight on “Poly Blue,” the second single off of her forthcoming new album, Quiet Signs. Jessica wanders amidst trees and gardens contemplating the mystery and thrill of love in acrobatic falsetto. Lush flute, piano, and synthesizer complete a landscape painting bursting with joyful, The Free Design-esque colors.

“Poly Blue, out today, is a special one for me. It features the handy work of Al Carlson, engineer for the album and multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire. He was my right hand man in the studio and a heavy contributor of color. Hope y’all enjoy ♥️”

Quiet Signs is out on Feb 8 on LP, CD and digital formats. Pre-order the album here.