Jess Williamson Releases “Infinite Scroll”

Jess Williamson Picture
Today, Jess Williamson shares “Infinite Scroll.” More than a song about a broken heart and disappearing memories: The track is also a sly commentary on life online (infinite scroll is a web design technique employed by social media outlets like Instagram and Twitter), as well as an appreciation for the magnitude of time itself, and how little we have here on Earth: “I was on one then, really leading the pack/ Swearin’ love can’t die when I believed that/ Time did unfold like an infinite scroll.”

“Director Jim Larson and I came up with this idea of a runaway bride with an extraterrestrial twist. The dress I’m wearing is my mom’s wedding dress. She bought it in 1979 off the rack at Neiman Marcus in Dallas. The veil is hers as well. Her mom sewed every pearl onto it by hand. It felt really special to wear that dress, almost holy. The first time I put it on it was surprisingly emotional for me.

Jim and I are both drawn to the landscape of the Southwest, and we were talking about the musician Jim Sullivan’s mysterious story, how he disappeared in the desert in New Mexico. I’ve spent a lot of time in New Mexico, it’s a place that’s near and dear to my heart. It felt right to make the video out there. Musically, Infinite Scroll is the most pop song I’ve ever made, so it feels good to me that the video is super connected to my roots and, beyond”

Listen to “Infinite Scroll”