Dungen & Woods
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Dungen & Woods - Loop

Marfa Loop is a digital environment that transports visitors to a unique moment from throughout a single day in Marfa, TX. Clicking the mythic symbols at the top of the page reveal new places and fragments of time between sunrise and sunset. Immersed in a single location, the visitor may witness some of the many quotidian dramas that play out in the desert.

Emanating from somewhere just beyond sight is Myths 003, music that was conceived of and recorded entirely in Marfa, during Dungen & Woods‘ collaborative residency at Marfa Myths 2017. With every visit, Myths 003 begins at a random moment and plays on a constant loop, engaging Marfa in a unique way for each visitor, and inserting Myths 003 back into the place it was made.

Take a moment to trip around Marfa, or stay put and enjoy an early listen of Myths 003 as the day unfolds on the desert.

Dungen & Woods - Myths 003