You’ll need a HAZMAT suit to withstand the filth pouring out of the smokestacks of Melbourne, Australia’s ZOND, five figures playing in dense fog with mountainous hooks, hazy vocals and thunderous rhythms. Nearly obliterated by noise, the elements of black metal, shoe gaze, doom and epic rock collide with such force that it’ll take tow truck tug-of-war to get them untangled and move onto the dental records of the ground-up souls within. Form collapses, then surges back up in defiance as Zond aims for the dirt and shoots lower, gigantic guitar statements eating dust like a spectral punishment for centuries of bad deeds gone unpunished. Brief moments of heroism (“Stupid Gods”) rise up around and choke them off in a grey sea of excess. Now amplify these sentiments 100x and you’ve got what might be the loudest, most manic release in Kemado’s history. No lead, no follow, and no get out of the way — this music is made to paste anyone who gets near it.

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