A: A. B: Brain. Levitating and mediating, introspective and ecstatic, Turzi‘s music is a mental and sensory experience, an invitation on an internal journey of the mind and body. C: Cover The cover art on the record is the work Marke Newton. A student of classic portraiture with a passion for street culture. This British artist mixes religious iconography with psychedelic pop.

D: Dieu God. “A notre pere” the seventh song on “A” is not an invitation to conversion but an automatic and fantasmic chant, a nervous cultural reflex. The prayer memorized automatically during catechism is here nothing more than an abstract succession of blank words. An incantation empty of meaning, repeated indefinitely until the collapse of conscience. Only one sensation remains: elevation. E: Electronic. Electronic waves are used here as live instruments. The synthetic partitions are neither sketches nor products. No Pro Tools in the horizon. Master of the domesticated synth, Turzi nonetheless fantasizes, in the manner of Kraftwerk or Arpanet, the revolt of the machines, whom, finally liberated of human kinds dictates, would only play themselves. F: Family A contemporary French psychedelic one: One Switch to Collision, Aqua Nebula Oscillator, Total Peace, Zombie-Zombie, Steeple Remove. But also our relatives from the 70’s: Gong, Alpes, Areski + Fontaine and also Dashiell Hedayat who noted on the liner notes of his album “Obsolete”: “this record must be played as loud as possible, must be heard as stoned as impossible and thank you everybody” G: Guitar Used and abused, guitars have a tough life with Turzi. Removed from their heroic role, they are demystified and returned to their role as instrument-martyrs. H: History The working title for “A” was ” In the Face of History” I: Inflammable “A” is a visual trip recorded on inflammable film. Each piece was envisioned as an individual cinematographic sequence building towards a narrative whole. There is meant to be little or no space between the pieces as they intertwine organically. J: Jesus After an appearance on “Made Under Authority” (see “˜M’) Jesus is back on “A” and he still has no business on the dance floor. K: Krautrock Or “rock choucroute” as it is known in France. The term used to describe that incredible wave of German bands (Ash Ra Temple, Amon Duul, Can, Faust, Neu!, Kraftwerk, Cluster”¦) that in the beginning of the 70’s destroyed the carcass of rock by exploring the possibilities offered by minimalism, electronics, and tribal music. L: Live “A” was mostly recorded live and partially improvised.

Roman Turzi and his band Reich IV gave precedence to aural experimentation in the studio. It was on stage, were the group displays this quasi-hypnotic power best, that most of these compositions were born. M: Made Under Authority. The first Turzi EP was released in November 2005. The six songs on “Made Under Authority’ were composed by Romain Turzi in the kitchen of his Paris apartment. The press had some nice things to say: “Turzi’s music provokes, before anything, a giddy happiness in its listener, this along with the vital need to make the innocent suffer and to be married before god to a total stranger” —Technikart. N: Narcotic In the words of Romain Turzi: “Music, whether you are initiated in it or not, should make you have the same sensations as doing drugs. With this is mind it is our intention to play with the listener, to make him go up and down, to create a malaise as well pleasure.” O: Oppression. In contrast to the “good vibrations” so dear to Brian Wilson, music can also be a source of “Bad Vibrations”. Turzi paints with both of these palettes. P: Pan European Far from the hegemonic traditions of the Anglo-American world (blues and pop), Turzi re-vindicates the old European heritage. A Europe that is cold, experimental and synthetic that found its own voice in Italy (Goblin), in Germany (Kraftwerk), in France (the (Hypothetical) Prophets) or in Switzerland (Grauzone). Brainticket, a visionary group form the 70’s whose members were Swiss, Italian, and German are an emblem for Turzi’s Pan-European vision. Q: Question. Are you thinking about Jesus? R: Reich IV The band formed by Romain Turzi to accompany him on stage and in the studio.

The four stars of Reich are: Sky Over, drums. Met him at catechism class. Hard Rock Gunter, Guitar. Met him in boarding school. Judah Warsky, Keyboards. Met him in the street. Arthur Rambo, bass. Met him at a record store. S: Stones, Nick Psychologist and a true sound sorcerer, Nick Stone mixed “A”, erasing all the vintage mannerisms that existed propelling the album into the future. T: Turzi Romain Turzi was born in Versailles in 1979. A French mother and an Italian father from Calabria.   His studies at the Sorbonne helped him discover all the record stores in the vicinity of the university. He held a couple of temporary job at record stores before deciding to pursue music full time. “A” will be released at the same time as the birth of his first child. U: UHF. As in Ultra High Frequency. While most rock music stays within the confines of medium frequency to facilitate a comfortable listening experience, Turzi enjoys using the highest and sharpest frequencies he can find. He enjoys exploring the entire sonic palette, from one extreme of the spectrum to the other. V: Versailles It was in Versailles, the hometown of most of the members of Reich IV, that Romain Turzi met Marc Tessier Du Cros who eventually was responsible for signing Turzi to his label Record Makers along side such luminaries as Sebastien Tellier, Arpanet, and I love UFO. W: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Austrian composer (Salzburg 1756 — Vienna 1791).   A master of melody, he searched for purity and elegance and knew how to obtain grandeur through simplicity and grace. But behind the clarity and the fantasy, irony and a worried soul shone through. Amadeus is the 9th song on “A”. X: Ecstasy 1.      A trance or trancelike state in which an individual transcends normal consciousness. 2.      Admiration and pleasure derived from listing to the music of Turzi. Y: ye-ye Popular French musical style during the 60’s in which French bands try to recreate the sounds of Britain and the US. You could consider Turzi to be an “anti ye-ye” band. Z: Z machine. The Z machine is the most powerful x-ray generator in the world. Conceived as a tool to control materials that have been exposed to conditions of extreme temperature and pressure, the machine is used primarily as a tool for collecting and organizing the data from nuclear weapons. Turzi is a Z machine.