Limited-edition recordings of excellence and a ceaselessly grim pallor have pushed Chicago’s Nachtmystium to the limits of black metal intensity, and beyond the coal-smeared walls of the genre. The Worldfall EP continues along the group’s all-consuming path, combining technical metallic precision with an ashen demeanor, forging epic songcraft with layered production that embraces the misery of their material as it thrashes against it. An elegant seven-minute title track serves as the focal point for this release, from which Nachtmystium pivot into flesh-rending rage (“Depravity”), and two covers which help to define the group’s bleak yet inviting worldview, bordered on the neo-folk of Death in June’s solemn “Rose Clouds of Holocaust” and Goatsnake’s beer-bonging anthem “IV.” Pressed in an edition of 500 copies, this chapter of Nachtmystium’s pushes beyond the coal-smeared walls of black metal to unearth the roots of this group’s caustic approach.

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