With their Kemado debut full length Ab Ovo, Moab earned high praise for their seemingly effortless ability to meld Sabbathian influences with California desert vibe into a modern moody metal experience. Self recorded and produced, Ab Ovo clocked in at #25 on Decibel magazine’s top 40 releases of 2011. Said Decibel ” Ab Ovo compresses an entire universe of downtuned riffs into a taut 39 minutes, rife with analog warmth, huge hooks and astonishing instrumental interplay. Like its title (translated as “from the beginning”) would suggest, Ab Ovo feels both rooted in the past and startlingly fresh.”

2012 saw the trio refocus their attention on recording Album #2. Again opting to self record and produce in their own warehouse/gear cave in Simi Valley, CA. Says guitarist/singer Andrew Giacumakis “We don’t know how to make records any other way. We’ve tried working with producers and paying for studio time, but we always seem to come back to doing it ourselves. We can take as much time as we like that way, tweaking and retweaking until magic happens…which can be expensive if you’re paying someone to watch you turn knobs.” Speaking to the musical direction of the album, drummer Erik Herzog states “We’re definitely trying to make a different record this time around, to move forward and challenge ourselves as album crafters. We’re extremely proud of Ab Ovo but we don’t want to do the same thing twice. Where Ab Ovo is more a collection of songs, we want this record to be more of a singular work, sorta like a film, we want it have that kind of arc…so that you have to listen to the whole thing to get the sonic story.”