Hayden Pedigo

Hayden Pedigo is an acoustic guitarist and soundscape composer hailing from Amarillo, Texas. The son of a truck stop preacher, Hayden spent his teen years woodshedding the American primitive guitar picking styles of John Fahey combined with experimental sound manipulation. By his early 20’s Hayden had already collaborated with luminaries such as Charles Hayward of This Heat, Fred Frith, Werner “Zappi” Diermaier of Faust, and Terry Allen. Hayden’s sound explorations are defined by his love of the vast Texas Panhandle landscapes and the ambient inspirations that world provides. Beyond music, Hayden had a much-publicized 2019 run for Amarillo city council after a satirical campaign video went viral and Hayden’s political aspirations became serious. A new documentary Kid Candidate, which recently premiered at SXSW, shows Hayden’s unlikely run for office.

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