One of the early signings that helped put Kemado Records on the map, from their initial appearance on Kemado’s famed Invaders comp, alongside The Sword, Saviours, and Dungen, Portland, Oregon’s Danava turned heads with a bombastic 70″˜s sound that melded blazing psych-metal with glam-rock flair. Upon the release of the band’s self-titled debut EP in 2006, Pitchfork hailed Danava as true leaders, calling them “the sole working owners of this sound, an almost glam-rock, Hawkwind thing” and Guitar World lauded their “chaotic psych-metal brew.” Danava pushed the envelope further on 2008’s UnonoU, widening the gap even more between themselves and the straightforward heavy metal revivalists of the day. SPIN declared UnonoU to be “a lysergic cocktail of stoner sludge, prog pomp, and rocket blastoffs” and MOJO labeled it “ridiculous and audacious: mutant music with a sense of style.”

Through the latter part of the decade, Danava toured with the likes of Witchcraft, Voivod, The Melvins, Acid Mothers Temple, and Down (who have invited the band out three times now.) Early 2011, the world was given a taste of the third album when one new track, “The Illusion Crawls,” found its way onto Kemado’s three-way split with Earthless and Lecherous Gaze. Now, finally, enter the Hemisphere of Shadows… “Ruling nations in a clever disguise / The ring of power / The all-seeing eye / Something wicked going on inside / This hemisphere of shadows,” Danava vocalist/guitarist/synth man Gregory Meleney sings on the album’s power-rocking title track. Meleney describes Hemisphere of Shadows as a guitar-driven beast that captures the real vibe of the band better than any other record: “This album is less Michael Moorcock and more Michael Schenker. On UnonoU we had all these long songs that we could never pull off live and weren’t originally written to end up on just one record. Adding Andrew Forgash as a second guitarist has also shifted our focus toward the guitars. This album is more so a live record. We translate best live and Hemisphere of Shadows is closer than we’ve ever been to capturing it.”