Formed from the ashes of punk/experimental legends Apparat (not the German one) and PVC in the late 90’s. Audionom is a Stockholm experimental rock collective supergroup that quickly became a popular live act known for its abrasive shows that also integrated the films of member Martin Malm. The bands hypnotic pummeling sound took inspiration from their love for such early experimental visionaries as Hawkwind, Einstürzende Neubauten, and Neu!

Audionom recorded several singles for release in Sweden between 1999 and 2002, and these recordings were gathered together onto an album called Retrospektiv.

” ‘Ljusets Krigare’ uses simple counterpoints and layers them to the point of madness, guitars ripping in and out at all levels of the mix, the pace picking up to stab and falling back to mutter and bleed. More uneasy is “Spindlar”, which buzzes grating synth jabs and intermittent, junked-out guitar jangles that drop out without warning to leave spiky keyboards gnawing at your ear. Malm, the film artist who performs with them, is a telling presence. Audionom makes sound that arrests when it’s on and is almost impossible to recall when it’s not. Like any other abstract painting or image, the elements are rigorously composed, but only in regard to one another. The band, like many of us, is locked in its own space, across a distance that can seem impossible to cross. That’s the rub though: four musicians’ collective subjectivity, reaching you in yours.” – Pitchfork