Andrew Kidman

Australian artist Andrew Kidman works in many mediums. Each discipline, be it music, writing, painting, photography, surfboard shaping or films is born from his innate connection to the ocean.

Kidman’s documented and recorded works evolve over many years, allowing them to take on a life of their own. His patience and dedication to subject is remarkably rare in the modern day commercial arena.

Often dealing directly with the documentation of his peers and his own personal experiences, the stories he chooses to tell don’t expire but grow more complex with time.
Kidman’s ability to move through multiple mediums allows his work to reveal a particular richness. In this way the audience is given a genuine and overall sense of the subject.
His other work, particularly the writing and performing of music, reflects his tender sensibilities and love of story.

The end result offers an un-namable and moving familiarity to those it reaches. Yet it consistently embodies an unfamiliar meditative ‘otherness’ very particular to him. This ethereal aspect is an invitation to take a deeper look.

Kidman recently released Spirit of Akasha: a film and soundtrack Celebrating Albert Falzon’s 1972 classic Morning of The Earth. Along with his band The Windy Hills he recorded the open track for the film To Be Young. During the making of Spirit of Akasha, Kidman and the Windy Hills recorded their latest release Fall of Planet Esoteria, which was released in january by Warner Music.

Spirit of Akasha premiered at the Opera House in January 2014, closing The Festival of Sydney to a sold out Concert Hall with Kidman and the Windy Hills performing the opening track live to the film. [Louise Wright]