Robert Lester Folsom
Music and Dreams


    The first of many reissues on the Mexican Summer slate brings forth a 1976 private press affair from Georgia’s Robert Lester Folsom, a high-quality and shimmering, unbuttoned-collar collection of marina rock and sunset ballads. Vaguely psychedelic and professionally rendered, this is a strong and consistent brace of soft rock, staid yet breezy, and one of the only MS releases you can likely share with your parents (or grandparents) without strange looks or much argument. When this van’s a rockin’, don’t bother knockin’!


    Side A:Music and DreamsGinger + ADD TO PLAYER Biding My TimeApril SuzanneWeeping Willow TreeMy Stove's On FireSide B:Spanish LadyBrown Eyed Lady with Blonde HairA New WayShow Me To The WindowJerichoPlease Don't Forget Me