Oneohtrix Point Never

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Rifts compiles Oneohtrix Point Never‘s (aka Daniel Lopatin) first three full albums – Betrayed in the Octagon, Zones Without People, and Russian Mind – alongside a crop of rare and out-of-print CDR and cassette material in a deluxe, five LP vinyl box set, and three CD set. Rifts travels from the outside-in, beginning with the dark space sonatas of Octagon, through the mechanized vistas of Zones Without People and completing itself with the haunting electronic animus of Russian Mind. This journey is underscored with a natural growth which sees Lopatin developing his unabashed worship of the polysynth as a free standing musical apparatus towards a fully realized OPN world of sound; at once incorporating synth prog, modern noise, early techno, drone, minimalism and computer music. With Rifts it is possible to zoom out on the OPN project and recognize Lopatin as both an auteur and alchemist; achieving a signature sound while drawing on a buried history of electronic music.


The vinyl box set comes in a one-time edition of 1000 copies, each of the 5 LPs packaged in individual jackets and housed in a deluxe slipcase. The 3 CDs come in a 6-panel digipak inside a slipcase. 

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