No Joy
Pastel And Pass Out


    Montreal’s No Joy follow up their sophomore LP, Wait to Pleasure, with Pastel And Pass Out, a new 12″ to coincide with their upcoming European tour. Engineered by Jorge Elbrecht, the EP finds the trio shredding through a similar soundscape: striking a balance between the blistering walls of noise they’re renowned for, with airy, expansive atmospherics that allow the songs to breathe and the melodies to seep through. Opener “Last Boss” showcases this dynamic, with Jasamine White-Gluz’s airy vocals dancing around the clear space of the verses, before the chorus’ wall of pummeling guitars fill all voids. “Star Child is Dead”‘s buzz-saw guitars ascend to a druggy, blissed-out peak, whilst “Second Spine” might be the band’s poppiest song yet: comparatively stripped back, allowing for the gorgeous melody and backing vocal coos to properly shine.