Jorge Elbrecht featuring Caroline Polachek
Gloss Coma - 001


    Gloss Coma – 001 is the third release in a series of collaborations helmed by Jorge Elbrecht (Haunted Graffiti, Violens, Lansing-Dreiden), following the “Hang On to Life” / “No Real Friend” 7″ with Ariel Pink. In a bold showcase of his stylistic versatility, Elbrecht’s collaboration with Chairlift‘s Caroline Polachek takes a total 180 into deep, dark techno. The first track “I.V. Aided Dream” lays a paranoid bass pulse over a soundscape of screeches, garbled screams and industrial clamor. Polachek’s vocals are rendered disembodied atop these – sounding positively ghostly on b-side “Full Mental Erase”, which boasts a dancefloor-friendly groove underneath its clinical snare rolls. On the closing “Drained Brain” remix Elbrecht injects a muscular bassline and a ghoulish voiceover to the original, pushing it into some seriously dark club territory. Plans to follow this release include collaborations with Damon Tutunjian (of Swirlies) and a soundscape for artist Max Hooper Schneider‘s glowing Beluga whale skeleton, to be exhibited in Los Angeles and New York this fall.