SFT 001
Ford & Lopatin
Channel Pressure

  • Software


Channel Pressure is the full length debut from Brooklyn-based production duo Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never) and Joel Ford (Tigercity), formerly known as Games. Improvised sessions were instead recorded over 3 months at Mexican Summer’s headquarters and synthesizer legend Jan Hammer’s home studio in upstate NYC. The recordings of these were then spliced, sampled and reconstructed, growing unexpectedly into an imaginary soundtrack for the adventure of Joey Rogers, a kid who gets brainwashed by a gigantic television.Talent was enlisted from childhood pal Al Carlson for engineering, Prefuse 73 for mixing, and guest vocals from friends Autre Ne Veut and Jeff Gitelman of Stepkids. The result is a pristine presentation of chaotic material; layers of glitch, Krautrock, synthpop, ambient, prog-fusion and hardware shredding melded into just 14 tracks of multi-focus post-pop edits. Channel Pressure will be the first release from Software, Ford & Lopatin’s new label imprint on Mexican Summer, and is available NOW.


Side A:ScumsoftChannel PressureEmergency Room + ADD TO PLAYER Rock Center ParoniaToo Much MIDI (Please Forgive Me)New PlanetThe VoicesSide B:Joey RogersDead JammerBreak InsideI SurrenderGreen FieldsWorld Of RegretG's Dream

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